Can you use a slice of white bread as a yeast source in homemade wine?

Would it be feasible to make wine using only water, white bread, sucrose, and fruit juice?

I heard you could just put this into an airtight container for a couple weeks under your bed, and if it smells alright, you have produced a moderately alcoholic wine. Is this true?

What is the risk of botulism, or other infections?


That's the recipe for prison hooch. You can't just put it in an airtight container and wait, the fermentation gases have to be released frequently. You will end up with a foul tasting concoction that will get you drunk, but it's not wine by any stretch of the imagination.

ON EDIT: A side note; when you open your container to release the gases, it will STINK. In jail, the inmates use a length of hose smuggled from the kitchen, to vent the gas down the toilet. If you are underage, and trying to brew hooch so your parents won't find out you're drinking, you don't want go this route. As a youngster, there's a very good chance the taste will make you puke; I've seen big, tough inmates gag when trying to drink it.

Jun 25 at 23:53

You would basically have rotten fruit juice.

Just buy wine - even cheap wine is better than that.

Jun 26 at 3:39

oooooooooooooooooooooooo. prison wine..... whats up with you are you in prison? i could tell you how to make prison wine or you could google it.

Jun 26 at 7:48

Wait until you are old enough to buy wine that is actually worth drinking or at least until you don't have to hide your fermenter. Then get real wine yeast.

Jun 26 at 12:20

I amm no expert here, but I think it will not work, as the cooking process of the bread will destroy the bacteria that IS yeast.

Jun 26 at 17:15

No. You need the yeast to ferment the wine. The yeast in bread has already been baked, killing the active ingredient you need to make the fermentation process work correctly.

Jun 26 at 22:34

You have a better chance of putting your concoction in your back yard and hoping that it gets infected with wild yeast. In either case you are unlikely to get anything that contains alcohol and will probably look and smell like a cesspool.

Jun 27 at 4:15

You dont use the sucrose( table sugar) and the bread will work. Sugar will accelerate process but fruit has its own. Keep container LOOSE to let gases escape or it will rot, not ferment. Three or four days then drain from top then get rid of sediment and finished in 14. Re do off top for sediments then store a while before drinking for taste.

Jun 27 at 10:19