Do tic tacs have any side effects?

I eat too many tic tac's, I can go through 2 small box's a day, soes anyone know if there are any bad side effects from eating too many?


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Well if you're talking about the mint flavoured ones..they have laxative effects..soo I would cut down on those..otherwise, you're fine! :)

Jul 26 at 9:51


Jul 26 at 13:37

Yes minty breath!

Jul 26 at 17:46

It's candy sweets? It's not medicine so the answer is a big fast NO!

Jul 26 at 22:18

Explosive Diarrhoea

Jul 27 at 3:13

i wouldn't thought any side effects, but you might want to look at your sugar consumption so diabetes does not become a concern.

Jul 27 at 8:32

They can cause a gout like disease of the large digit. Commonly called "Tic Tac Toe".

Jul 27 at 14:13

@leonmilne ( twitter page ) please follow have the red ring real bad

Jul 27 at 20:17