What's a good girly alcoholic drink that tastes good?

I'm a total lightweight and have a hard time taking shots. What's a drink I can ask for at a bar that tastes good, is potent, but won't make me gag?


Depending on the type of bar you go to there are a number of drinks you can order that are mostly alcohol and taste good.

1. Caipirinha - Made from Brazillian rum called Cachaca. It is mixed with muddled limes and sugar and added to ice.

2. Cosmopolitan Martini - It is a vadka martini mixed with triple sec (orange liqueur), lime juice and cranberry juice.

3. Purple Rain - a larger version of the Purple Hooter. It is Vodka mixed with Chambord and sprite.

Also, check the drink menu at the bars. Usually they have specialty drinks that are good without the alcohol taste.


order coconut rum with cranberry and orange juice....


I don't think it's a girlie drink but them Irish Car Bombs are a must on the "drinks to try" list. YouTube it if you haven't heard of it


Real Ale. Now the most rapidly growing sector of the UK drinks market and driven mainly by young ladies.


I'm a lightweight too and I personally like mixed vodka drinks like Vodka Cruisers, Smirnoff Ice, Midori Illusion/Splice. They're all 4.5% alcohol. I'm not sure if all bars would sell them, but bottle shops certainly do.


Vodka Cruisers! Its a girly drink! all the teenage girls at my school drink it, its not even strong people who are 13 drink it. its like 6% vodka and rest is like flavoured stuff

it tastes sooooooooooooooo goood! you can get it in soo many flavours.

i know UDL is good to, UDL Passionfruit taste amazing :/

those to drinks arent strong, but dont drinnk to much cause it kill your brain cells.


In what sense are you using "lightweight"? If you mean you don't like the taste of alcohol, that just makes you a wuss. Lightweight is typically used to indicate someone who becomes intoxicated on very little alcohol. In that case you don't want something potent-it will only get you in trouble. Try a Fuzzy Navel.