Is the orange part of the "orange peels" is safe to eat?

please not i have a hard time wording


The orange part of the orange peel is called the zest (this goes for any citrus fruit). You can grate it with a zester or Microplane grater, but ONLY the orange part. The zest has tons of oil in it, making it very flavorful. It can really brighten up the taste in something.

The white part that's right below the zest is called the pith. This is very bitter and not really edible. So when zesting a citrus fruit, you only want to zest the colored parts. Once you see the white pith, move on to a different part of the fruit.


It's safe. Just very bitter.


yes, but im warning you.. it tastes horrible! :( so yes its edible, but not very tasty.


They are are edible but you only use the zest as the pith is extremely bitter.


NO oranges are poisonus everyone knows that!


I wouldn't be so sure that it's safe.. they use a lot of chemicals to keep it fresh at supermarkets, and before (while transferring).