What do Churros taste like?

Never in my life have I tasted one, nor was I physically in contact with one. I don't even know where to get access to one. I just hear that they're amazing.


It is basically fried dough with cinnamon and sugar on it. It's almost like a long cinnamon sugar doughnut.


Tastes like sugar and caramel.


they sorta taste like a donut but it has


and its cooked and warm

and its yummy


Churros taste awesome you have to try one. They are fried sticks of sugary goodness. I get them from a movie theater that I go to but I don't really know were else you can get one besides a movie theater or a carnival type place.


:O Where do you live? Usually they are sold by people in street carts or sometimes in stores like I seen one at Sams Place, or look around. They are pretty good. Think about it as a crunchy, sweet doughnut. Some come with fillings! Strawberry, coco, chocolatr, vanilla, endless choices. Theyre good go try one now! Lol. I cant believe you havent eaten one, its not like youre missing out alot, but theyre def. worth a try