How long dose it take to get used to smokeless tobacco (dip)?

I recently started chewing dip and after 1 minute of chewing i start to buzz like crazy (meaning get really light headed) will this go away?


Eventually you'll get used to the buzz.

After a week of dipping daily (3-5 pinches) i got used to the buzz.


Proper spelling and punctuation is more important and healthier.


Don't get used to it, we got used to it and it took us 15 years to get unused to it, don't do it, trust my experience. Not worth gum disease, money, and cancer. Really, it's not.


When you get used to it is when mouth and throat cancer start!…



I started dipping when I was 14 and I couldn't stop until 28. The reason why I started is because I was born and raised real country and I thought that I had to dip to be even more country but I promise it's not worth it


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