Are you supposed to peel peaches or not?

I don't peel mine. When I ate a peach with the fuzz and all my friend looked at me like I was weird or something. Then she said that we were supposed to peel them coz it's poisonous. WTH? Do you peel yours or not?


not really supposed to but personal choice....i could NEVER eat a peach if it had that furry skin on - it makes me gag! yuk!


I don't peel mine


no, it's yum and soft skin and can add to skimmed milk.


Lmfao( sorry) but no your not supposed to. But you can if you want to. There's nothing wrong by eating the skin.


no, you eat them with the skin! if you don't like it, eat nectarines they are similar in taste but without the fuzz!


No. You don't have to Peel them. The fuss of the peach is not poisous either ... your friend probably just didn't like it. Haha.


Peel or don't either way no problem. And no, it is not poisonous. I run mine under a little water to rinse off any dust that may have settled on it in the store.


I always peeled mine growing up, and still don't care for the fuzzy peel, but my brother always ate it and he's still alive! So, no, it is not poisonous as far as I know.