Is it normal to get a lightheaded feeling after a sip of beer?

I don't drink very often. I've only truly got blackout drunk once in my life, and I've only drank alcohol 4 times in the past.

I was just wondering if its normal to have a momentary lightheaded feeling when you take a swig of beer.

I find that when ever I drink beer, and go for another sip I get this lightheaded feeling, and it makes me feel weird. It doesn't happen with hard liquor or coolers. Just with beer


You could be allergic to the yeast or the gluten in beer. Whiskey also contains gluten containing grains. Leave it alone if it makes you feeel weird. Drinking what you are allergic to messes up your gut and can lead to a nasty hangover and overdrinking without pleasure. Some alcoholics are addicted to the grain in their preferred liquor. So avoid what makes you feel weird.

Never try to develop a tolerance for a drink that makes you feel sick. Or a food for that matter.

You might test a gluten free beer. Avoid anything that says "wheated".

Black out drunk is not normal or safe. Whatever you drank that night you might want to order ONE and sip it slowly paying attention to how you feel. If it was a mixed drink order the liquor neat so you can taste and smell it. If you go woozy stop drinking it.


I now see wine is a little hair dizzy


Probably low tolerance but that's weird if it's just beer... I'm 16 and I get tipsy after a few mouth fulls of vodka... But beer?

I'm drinking as I type lol.. Just snuck about a full glass with Coca Cola :P