Is it okay to eat stale pretzels?

I have a huge bag of stale pretzels. The taste doesn't bother me, but I was wondering if it would be okay to eat them.


YES! go ahead, they are like everyother food, and they are it would be okay...more than okay, GREAT! Unless you are alergic, then throw them away!


Stale pretzels still have some nutritional value although they may not have as much 'crunch' as they used to. They won't hurt you so enjoy!


why not eat a rotten apple instead? it's healthier :) I'm just joking but seriously don't eat it!


They are fine, they just may not taste too yummy!


i dont c y not, if your hungry ur hungry! jus maybe lack the crunch in it as long as it is not passed the expire date u should be ok. i like flat coke :)


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