Is eating expired chips ok?

I have chips that expires at april the 27th and todays may the 14th. I was wondering if it was ok to eat the chips. I don't really care if its freshness is bad but is it going to give me food poisoning?


no they will be fine to eat. most dry/shelf stable food products have more of a "best taste" date on them. Dry ingredients will be ok, upto a certain point. After really being expired the oils in the items will sour and turn rancid. Not pretty. Wet/refridge food products like sauces, milk, yogurt, meat, I would only chance it the day or 2 after, and then on top of that I would ensure that it was cooked, so there was no bacteria.


Sure, why not? If they taste ok, eat them. It's not like on the 27th they instantly go POOF! And turn rotten.


You won't get food poisoning, that date just means that they'll stay fresh and not stale until then.


No it will not give you food poisonig.

Judge them by there crispness.


Chips are hermetically sealed. They may still develop a bacteria past the expiration date, but because they are so dry, it would be very long process... I suspect it would take 4-6 months for expired chips to develop bacteria growth. If it's only 1 month, you're OK.


You should be ok. It's a dry food. I guess it depends on which chip though. Chips are fine to eat a couple weeks after the expiration date. I hope.


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