Can coffee make you dizzy?

have been a coffee drinker for many years, not a lot but maybe 2 cups a day. Lately every time I finish a cup of coffee, I get really really dizzy, my head spins so bad I ned to close my eyes or put my head down while sitting at my desk at work. Sometime it last a few hours. This only happens after coffee. I am 50 if that means anything.


Are you drinking enough water? I'm 52 and gave up coffee because the caffeine dehydrates me. You should really see your Doctor. Dehydration lowers blood pressure and causes dizziness. It could be something else, so please see your doctor. Good Luck!


Some people are extremely sensitive to the effects of even a small bit of caffeine, also, and it depends on your size, metabolism, etc. also.


I use to drink about two cups a day of coffee or other caffeinated beverages. It helped the mornings move faster.

then one day... my body crapped out on me. I (for some unknown reason) developed a sensitivity to caffeine. I would get dizzy, shaky, nervous, sweaty palms... all the normal symptoms of drinking gratuitous amounts of caffeine... except after only one cup.

ask your doctor, he can tell you straight up.

I'm 22 btw


If you drink caffeinated coffee, consider that caffein is a vasoconstrictor; that is, it constricts your blood vessels. Seems to me that could make you dizzy. It also increases your heart rate, which could also cause dizziness.


Maybe your drinking way too much u should cut down on the coffe