If chili has been left out overnight is it still safe to eat?

I made ground turkey chili in the crock pot...I worked late last night, came home and fell asleep on the husband had some chili, unplugged the crock pot but didn't put the rest it safe to eat or does it need to be tossed?


No, bacteria can develop on food at room temperature after a few hours.

Oct 27 at 8:8

it depends how long u letin it sit

Oct 27 at 11:54

I'd say its good as long as you heat it up to at least 165 degrees on a themother?

Oct 27 at 16:3

The meat will grow bacteria if not refridgerated after cooking. I would toss it.

Oct 27 at 20:35

Food poisoning is a terrible thing to fool with.

Sorry! Feed it to the disposal.

Oct 28 at 1:30