I accidentally flushed a sock down a toilet should I worry?

Okay this is really embarrassing and not as crazy as it sounds. I was scrubbing my floor and I was using a sponge and an old sock to wash the floor. I had both in a bucket of water. I was going to kind of multi task the water and dump the water down the toilet and scrub that as well after I was done. I took out the sponge but forgot about the sock and it was too late, the water went dumping down the toilet drain! I feel so bad; could I have ruined the toilet? It does not seem to be clogged but how can I tell? And how can I fix it if it is broken? Would it be really bad if I tried to flush the toilet and see if it is broken or clogged? If it helps the sock was a men's Nike ankle sock. I am not good at this kind of repair and normally I just call a plumber but it's too late. Thanks for your help.


the way to tell if theres an issue, flush toilet paper down the toilet. if it overflows, the sock has causedan issue. if you have a smooth draining toilet, i would not let it go.. this sock will be heavy and not flow down the drain, specially when wet. either call in a plumber or purchase a closet auger from any major hardware store and auger it thru the toilets topside and retrieve this sock -


Unless it stops the pipes up, there is nothing to worry about. It may very well make it's way out of the system on it's own. I can't tell you how many socks/underwear have gone through the pipes in this house. So far, no stop ups. I'm sure they are all in the septic tank somewhere, but I'm not going after them. ;)


It is probably ok. An ankle sock is small. It wouldn't break the toilet, it would clog it up. If you try flushing, and it is clogged , you would overflow the toilet. Why not try filling a bucket of water and slowly pouring into the toilet and watch to see if it starts to gain a flushing action, if so, continue to dump bucket at a faster rate, and then dump right in if confident it is going down. It probably is ok then, go ahead and flush. If it goes down, then great. There is a remote possibility it could get stuck in the sewer past the toilet, but if it does , the toilet would eventually stop flushing, or not go down at all. (after some time). If your toilet is clogged, don't call a plumber, there is a chance he may cost more than if you look up a sewer cleaning company in the phone book. The toilet in either case is not "broken" , so no need for a new one! Good luck. BTW- generally sewer cleaners work all hours of the night and might charge a little more after hours, but not as much as a plumber. Ask for a price on the phone before they come.


it is fine if it is not clogged if it dose just get a plunger or a


it is ok, nothing is gonig to happen