How can I clean burned beans out of my pressure cooker?

I burned the heck outa those beans, the cooker went toally dry and kept cooking for a while. I was just gonna lay down for a few minutes and I fell totally off to sleep for a few hours.

Now there is a thick layer of burned on guck in there and I don't want to scrape it out as that will leave scars and damage the cooker. HELP!


Some vinegar and hot water in the pot for some time will loosen up the guck. It might have to be repeated. If it has to be done again, just vinegar will clean it. This works real good.


put cola in it and heat it up


Soak it overnight with a degreaser and detergent, then use a "wire dish sponge" (Chore Girl) to scrub it. It will not scratch. A lot of elbow grease, but it will work.


Put hot water in it with some dish soap, and let it soak for hours until the beans start to come loose.