Does Rand Paul wear a toupee?

Does Rand Paul wear a toupee?


No. I think it's his childhood Davy Crockett hat, which looks like a toupee.


Yes, but it got stuck in the pillowcase with the eyeholes.


And this is a relevant question posted in the politics section why? Have you tired of Palin bashing?


That or a rat found nesting material.


Is that how libs decide their vote? Now it all makes sense...


I have never seen you ask a question that wouldn't be better fit for the "Celebrity Gossip" section....typical liberal!

And what a are politicizing those who are embarrassed of the fact that they are balding. What are you liberals not going to politicize?


Yes rand paul wears a toupee & if he doesnt want that truth out he better stop bringing up bill clinton infidelities as political fodder against hillary!