Should i be in force recon or scout snipers?

so me and my buddy austin are gonna join the usmc and we want to see the **** we heard alot about force recon and H.A.L.O jumps witch we would like to do but i looked up some more and it says that force recon dosent fight they just gather intel. but scout snipers they go into the **** but they are as i hear a lot harder to get into and me and austin have poor vision plus scout snipers dont bail out of c130s at 25000 feet. austin and i only have another 3 years to go and then we are enlisting right out of high school and i would really like to know what should i be. plus i dont want a speech about joining or you dont want to see combat so do not post anything like that.


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You'll have to qualify to be a scout/sniper or recon with excellent marksmanship and fitness scores along with leadership skills. You'll prove yourself as an excellent marine before you get into one of these programs. There are three different type of recon marines.

Some of the differences:

A scout sniper is usually assigned to a scout/sniper platoon attached to a Marine battalion. They provide intel in a local area to enhance the effectiveness of an assault or gather information on the enemy. They provide a capabilty to take out strategic targets which enhances the firepower of an attacking unit or decreasing the effectiveness of an enemy. They are sometimes assigned to operate with Recon.

Battalion Recon provides intel at a higher level than a scout/sniper. They are trained to infiltrate in larger groups. At times they will operate on a platoon level much as a normal platoon as they often did in Iraq. They provide some of the functions of Force Recon but not as far behind the lines.

Force Recon is a deep penetration recon team. For a detailed description of the many and varied tasks they may perform read under the green ops and black ops sections of this website:…

MARSOC was formed from Force Recon. The training is much the same. MARSOC is special operations capable recon. Their missions are typically in politically sensitive or denied areas. The Marine Corps developed MEU (SOC), Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) beginning in in 1983.

Although Force Recons trains in HALO jumps HAHO is their hallmark. It is a high altitude opening jump using the same ram air chutes to descend rapidly. This is used when the jump zone is close to a target since the opening of chutes can be heard in a HALO jump.

The 3rd MarDiv sniper school on Hawaii now trains the 25th infantry and 27th infantry Army snipers along with the SEALS based on Ford Island.


First off, I'm going to say that you are looking at this whole situation the wrong way. Three years? A lot can change in that period of time.

Now, with that being said. Both Force Recon and scout snipers see combat. Sometimes they see it differently than others. Did you hear about the latest battle in Marjah, Afghanistan? Check out what Force Recon did there. Force Recon is a lot harder to get into compared to being a scout sniper.

Poor vision will hinder you in anything.

Don't focus on being in Force Recon or a sniper. Focus on being a great student first. Then, if you do enlist into the Marines... focus on being the best Marine first.

And some big misinformation around here. Force Recon isn't "going out." They are still around. In fact, they are growing.


You don't get to pick to do those things, they pick you, and Force Recon is going out, its turning into MARSOC


Another COD warrior.


Force Reacon is like 4 years old... and if you have poor vision forget about either. turn off the video games and go to a recruiting office.


This is really not something you choose at this point. You gotta be uber badass to qualify for either of these jobs. You'll have to be a stunner on the physical fitness test, scoring a perfect 300 (3mile in 18mins or less, 20 dead hang pullups, 100 crunches in 2 mins). After that you might get the opportunity to tryout for RECON indoctrination, which is the tryouts before being accepted into RECON training. Same thing with scout snipers, but your rifle qual score better be excellent along iwth great ASVAB scores. Lot's of math for snipers. Go for a combat arms like Infantry, military police, or something and own it. Then see if you get accepted when they offer the chance to try out. It's not something you contract for when you sign up.


Scout Snipers are usually attatched to Recon Battalions or Force Recon teams


Force Recon DEFINITELY sees action. Their primary mission is to gather intel(thats what recon means) but they see a lot of action while doing it and not all of their missions even involve recon to begin with. They get normal combat missions as well.

both are hard to get into.