How do illegal alien children enroll in school?

I just enrolled my 5 year old son in kindergarten. They asked for a lot of documented information. If we didn't have that information, He couldn't enroll.

My question is if they require all these official documents, how do illegal alien children get enrolled in school?

I know they couldn't possibly have the proper legal documents (birth certificate, Social Security Card...) that was required of me to have. Are they given special privileges?


there allowed to break the law.but don't you try.


I don't know. Maybe they give their information from their country of origin. It's weird isn't it? I don't understand either.


they enroll in schools in sanctuary cities


Many parents lose that information, even legal kids parents. So sometimes a school will overlook it. And there are ways to enroll your kids in school if they are not citizens of the United States. These are meant for people on Work Visas or with Diplomacy/Peace/Volunteer organizations funding their stays in America. However, documentation is needed for these "bypasses" of citizenship requirements. But in short, there are legal ways to enroll a child without a US birth certificate or Social Security number in public school.


Usually with fake I.D. related to their parents.


In big cities like for example where i live in chicago don't ask for social security or any real form of documentation. They just ask for anything that proves the identification of the child. Mostly in big cities where a lot of illegal immigration is.


You probably live in NM

but if your from the rest of the 49 states, they do not care even if they know he is illegal