Is Russia still a communist country?

I've heard it's in between, but i'm not sure.



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Russia -- like China -- abolished the actual Socialism/Communism, because it DOES NOT WORK.

(Not in Russia, not North Korea, not in Cuba, not in Venezuela, not in Nepal -- 100% failure rate over a century of trying.)

The thuggish State apparatus (KGB, etc.), developed trying to make it work, is still in use, however, keeping the rulers rich and the populace suppressed.

That the same methods of suppression are still being used is the reason, some people view it as "in between".


Officially no it is a Socialist state that has discarded Communism in it's truest sense and the government is far less radical. The state has opened up to some Capitalist ideology and no longer controls housing or large corporates. That is why some of the richest men in the world are now from Russia as they absconded with the wealth after the Communist rulers fell thanks to Yeltsin who changed the face of Russia forever.


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Now there is a terorist regime by the government, today in Russia there was a new law, which freed the hands of the FSB (KGB)


It never was to begin with. That's what we called it, but it came no closer to real communism than we do. It was an oligarchy and still is. Vladimir Putin's pretended democracy is no different from Nikita Kruschchev's pretended communism. The corruption at the top and their oppression of the lower classes still continues, although circumstances for the ordinary man have improved somewhat over the last two decades.


Yes but its still extremely corrupt. The government is borderline fiscally fascist. They control alot of the business there.


Is Russia still a communist country?

Not officially no. But those who want to bring back the Soviet Union are alive and well in Russia.


Russia is still in transition to a free market economy with U.S. guidance.

The Russian government is essentially a mafia style methodology with power politics and rule by coercion.


Uh yeah.