Does anyone know how many parties Obama has thrown at the WH so far?

It seems that if they are not on vacation, they are having a party at the WH.

Glad to know they are doing their best to stimulate the economy by hiring Jonas Bros and Paul McCartney, the Iftaar Diwali party, Broncos party, etc. etc. etc.

Where can I find a list of the parties that have been funded by tax dollars?


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At least once a week and they fly in chefs and entertainers for them! While the peasants struggle with 9.5% unemployment! The Obama's have also gone on 4 vacations, Moochelle Eva Perone-Obama went on a vaction with 40 of her friends to Spain and since the oil spill Obama has played more than 43 rounds of golf and countless hours of basketball.

Moochelle Eva Perone-Obama has told the rest of the country to vacation on the gulf while the Obama's go ever where but the gulf! Oh sorry they spent ONE DAY there!


Just one. It isn't over yet.


i don't know but it seems like he is always on vacation.


I know he has his Tuesday tea parties?




Everyday they throw one or are on vaction. They have yet to work a day. 887 days left til he's out.


Jealous much?…


you should stop hating on the pres...what would you do.sit around crying woe is me? maybe you should let your hair down in the mist of it just might like it .for a change.