How did John Wayne and Ronald Reagan evade the draft during WWII?

How did John Wayne and Ronald Reagan evade the draft during WWII?


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they showed the draft board caricatures of themselves made up like retarded cartoon characters


Ronald Reagan failed the eye test.


They were Democrats at the time.


Ronny was a Captain in the Army during WW ll !

Johnny was, I don't know how he did it!


John Wayne got 2 deferments due to Family.


They didn't. Bill Clinton did evade the draft.


Reagan was in the service during WWII but he never went overseas, he worked in a unit that made films. (He lied about that later, claiming he was among the troops that liberated Auschwitz, the concentration camp. To give Reagan the benefit of the doubt, his memory was not that good, even in his first term. He very often confused things that happened in movies with things that happened in real life.)

John Wayne got a deferment for 'family' issues. His career was just beginning to blossom, plus he was 34, too old to be drafted. The head of Republic, the studio he worked for, threatened to sue him if he broke his contract. He did some touring, visiting hospitals and service clubs. He said after the war that not serving in the war was the 'most painful' thing in his life.

But people who are rich and/or famous, or whose families are powerful, NEVER go in the service, unless they get into West Point or get a commission or something. None of the Republican 'chicken hawks' served in Vietnam--Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, etc. etc. etc. All are avidly pro-war but didn't serve or send their children either. They are all for fighting, so long as it's other people or other people's kids.


John Wayne did not illegally "evade" the draft, but he never took direct positive action toward enlistment. He as 34 yrs old at the start of the war and also had a family deferment (four children). By many accounts, Wayne's failure to serve in the military during World War II was the most painful experience of his life. There were some other stars who, for various reasons, did not enlist.

President Reagan failed the eye test and couldn't serve overseas - However, he' HAD joined the US Army Reserve in 1937 and was commissioned a 2nd LT. He DID serve in the ACTIVE Army from April 18, 1942 to December 9, 1945... albeit stateside.

How many years did YOU serve in the US Military ? Even in peace time ?