Can I take legal action against my landlord?

Can I take legal action against my landlord? Since I moved in, I had a lot of horrible thing caused by my landlord. Biggest thing was my landlord disclosed my bank account to utility company without asking me, and utility company has set up direct debit. (Utility company has committed thier mistake and conpensated) I have asked him many time but he have just replied landlord has right to do this. As far as my knowledge, they has right to report when new tenant move in includes name or other relevant information to utility company, but definately not includes private bank account. Regards this happen, I e-mailed him and ask him to explain or to apologise many time but he never once! Now I decided to leave this flat as this landlord was completely beyond principle. I am preparing to take legal action against data protection and harrasment.

Can anyone advise me I can take legal action againt my landlord? If you think I can take further action, please advise where do I have to report and ask?

Thank you very much and I appreciated your comment in advance.


Hi im not an expert ok, but things I know are.

1 yes he does have the rights ti tell ecectric or gas that a new tenant has moved into his property, so the bills change from him to whoever moves in.

2 he does not have the right to disclose ur bank details to anyone. He also should not HAVE ur bank details at all, he doesnt need to know ur account number or anything about it. You only need his to instruct ur bank to pay him each month or whatever ur payment date is.

If he has ur bank details thats bad, u need to go to ur bank and close ur account and open another one, and dont disclose it to him or anyone,'its YOUR bank account, if he has ur name, date of birth, account number and now could obtain utility bills in ur name he could pretty much be you if he wants. Ask ur bank what u you do.

3 as for utility company doing direct debit, they shouldnt be able to do that unless someone has given them all ur details and signed a consent form, u need to get onto them for a copy of that consent form, thats how its done here anyways. (unless it was done online? Which ive not done things that way)

4 if u leave the house are u in breach of ur tenancy? He could clain off u if u are? or if u leave early i dont think he has to pay u back ur deposit if there was one.

5 tenants and landlords take the p*ss these days, if you beleieve he has done wrong, keep copies of all ur documents, find yourself a solicitor/lawyer, and see what they say about it all, they give ppl one hour free to see if they can do anything in my country, so im thk its prob same in others too?

If u do move out tell the utility companies u have left so they dont keep sending u bills or taking money, and make sure in a few months they still know u dont live there cos if he has ur details he could sign u up again.

Hope you will be ok. Hopefully others will reply to help you.


It is illegal for him to set up direct debit, you should call your bank and have them take action.