Why Do Marines Get Married In Their Uniform?

I've seen that all of the marines I know wear their marine uniforms instead of a tux, why? I don't see doctors or surgeons or anyone else with far more respectable careers doing that.


because honestly it's cheaper and you still look very nice also it is an honor to wear a uniform like the marines


well just seems like you are another low life military hating piece of garbage and no one is going to change your mind. No point in answering a question when clearly you can not comprehend this simple concept.

And why are you just talking about Marines? People in the army, navy, air force etc. wear their DRESS uniforms to weddings as well.

But i dont know why you are getting so butt hurt ((you wouldn't even know what butt hurt meant..i'm sure there are plenty of people on here that do and are laughing with me as i say that)

It is THEIR wedding not yours. What does it hurt and how does it hurt you? I dont know why you are going to give yourself a heart attack over this. And go ahead, call me a stupid person. I am a Marine wife and my husband did wear his dress blues. We can travel to your house personally so you can say this to his face...then we will see what happens..but look, I know you have the safety and comfort hiding behind your computer....when it comes to going up to someone I'm sure you will change your mind. Go express your concerns at the recruiters office..Trust me, I'm sure they will love to hear it!


Doctors are going to wear white lab coats to their weddings? Wow, that sounds stupid.

Marines and other military personnel wear their uniforms to stand out. Anyone can rent a tux, even you, but only military members can wear dress uniforms. men wearing their uniforms to get married in is a long and honored tradition. They've been doing it for centuries.

You sound a little jealous.

I was a Marine and after I got out, I bet I went to better schools than you did.

Serving does not help you get into schools, it just helps you to pay for them. You didn't know that?

Better have served and than be a coward. If the shoe fits...


Because its ******* sexy you stupid prick.

Marines rarely get to wear their dress blues (I wore mine 4 times in 4 years), any excuse is a good excuse.


I always thought that being a Marine was a respectable career. They get married in uniform because it's a uniform they have earned. Not everyone can succeed at becoming a Marine. It's all very difficult to try to explain to someone who has never done it. You have had to experience it to understand.Being a Marine is a very honorable accomplishment.


A few points that should be made:

The marines wear formal dress uniforms intended for ceremonies--including weddings. The lab coats that surgeons and doctors wear are professional/"work" uniforms, not formal dress uniforms. We don't see marines wearing their gear to weddings, do we?

I also don't see how one career is more "respectable" than the other. They both save lives at their own sacrifice. In my own opinion, I don't believe the "education" required for an occupation makes one better than the other. What matters is what your role is in society, and I dare say that marines going out and sacrificing their lives so we don't have to sounds honorable to me.

There's also absolutely nothing wrong with not being able to afford college and joining the services to help pay for it. It doesn't help you get into college in any way, it only helps pay for the college you've been accepted to. At least someone's taking the initiative to get help and earning it, another respectable feat.

You obviously have no respect for the armed forces and have a very negative perspective about the men and women that fight for our country and our liberties. It's unfortunate, but there's no changing that, apparently. I've answered why they wear their uniforms at weddings, though: because like a tux, it's meant for formal occasions and events. It's not a "work" uniform, marine gear would be.


It's the most formal dress uniform the Marines have. It is meant for occasions like that. Why not? It's not frowned upon or forbidden. Like everyone said, they earned the right to wear that so more power to them. If I was still in the Navy and getting married, I would wear the dress uniform for sure. Why? Because I can. And what are you getting at with the doctor and surgeon thing? What is a doctor going to wear? Scrubs? Silly to be proud of the Marine Corps? I wasn't even in the Marines and I'm jealous that I'm not. Smarts have nothing to do with this. They could have joined the Army or Navy but they chose the longest and hardest branch to wear that uniform in a time where deployment is darn near promised. They stepped up. Smarts aside they have the courage, honor and dedication to do what million can't do or dream about. I just do not see even the slightest bit of argument here. You seem to be focused on the medical field, which does indeed take smarts, but why do they earn the respect with you and not Marines? What an ignorant question.



And you are illiterate because I didn't say I was an army wife.

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