How do police mark bills when buying drugs undercover?

First off I'm no angel and thats all i'm saying. The other day someone tried handing me a $20 bill with red numbers stamped on it and a $50 bill with black numbers stamped on it. Was this person an undercover cop using marked money to incriminate me?


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Were they giving you a $20 and a $50 to buy drugs? Do you sell drugs? What kind? Where?

If you do sell drugs, take some advice from an old time cop. Don't listen to nit wits like disappearing act. Undercover police officer DO NOT have to tell you they are the police if you ask them. That would quite obviously blow their cover, and ruin any undercover operation going. That's a neat old wives tale I have heard quite a few times.

So, if you ask someone if the are 5 0, and they say "No.", that doesn't mean that they aren't.


First, if you ask an undercover cop if they are one, they have to tell you.

I'm guessing they write down the serial numbers from the would be stupid to stamp or otherwise mark bills used in drug transactions. Anyway, even if they didn't use serial numbers, it would probably be smarter to make a less obtrusive mark or even clip a corner off a bill to mark it.




No man. They use low-level radiation. Didn't you see "The Dark Knight?"


I'm pretty sure "marked bills" are all written down, not on the bill itself.


They take the serial number of the bills.


They log the serial numbers. Putting something on the bills themselves is pure Hollywood.


@ Disappearing Act: Lose the idea that an undercover cop is required to admit he's an undercover cop---In most states an undercover cop is even allowed to legally take drugs if he has to do so to maintain his cover.


no no no no

They record the serial number from the bills....there is NO way for you to know a marked bill from an unmarked bill