Liberals, why do you admire the racist Che Guevara?

Liberals, why do you admire the racist Che Guevara?


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What a bunch of blithering idiots. First they deny they admire Che Guevara, then tacitly admit it.

Of course dumb as rocks Libbys love Che. They love wearing a Che Guevarra t-shirt with the picture that makes him look somewhat like a grunge rock star. That's about all they care about; that he looks "cool".

Here's a few things the uneducated Libbys might want to know about their beloved Che Guevara:

1) He wasn't just a psychopath sadist. He openly admitted he liked killing people. He wrote a letter to his father in which he openly disclosed how good killing someone with his own gun made him feel. Che kept his office near a prison yard. Frequently he would have the guards bring out an inmate or two, and Che would personally pull the trigger. Nice hero for you, Libbys.

2) Che openly boasted that the goal of Communism was worth millions of lives, and he said that if the Russians had just left the missiles in Cuba as Che wanted, he would have used them to blow up New York City. And yet the dumb as a rock Libby will just gloss over all this.

3) Libbys only care about his "coolness factor", not realizing that the truth was quite different. You know what people around Che used to call him? "Stinky". The guy was a blanking pig. Rarely bathed. Wore the same shirt for a couple weeks without washing it. He was disgusting, just like the rest of the Libby heroes.

P.S. You second respondent might be interested in knowing that Che was a racist. He called Mexicans uncultured mongrel dogs. He looked down on their indian roots, and considered Cubans far superior.

People.... Libbys must love revealing themselves as buffoons because they do it so often.

EDIT: Libbys, Libbys, Libbys. You just are gluttons for punishment, aren't you? Since everything I've written is historical FACT, your Thumbs Down is esentially an acknowledgement that you don't care about the truth regarding Che Guevara. You only want your sanitized, Libby World version of history, where all his obscenely anti-social, psychopathic deeds and words are simply and conveniently forgotten.

Che Guevarra said that if nuclear bombs would ensure the victory of communism then the death of millions would be just fine and dandy to him. Oh, let's hope none of those blind Libbys live in New York, because that's the first place he planned to nuke.



Didn't think so.

...Credible source?

Well, I already knew that answer to that.


We dont, do you have admiration for him? Can you tell us why that is. Your avatar says alot, you must be a liberal arent you.


I hate the guy.

Signed, A Liberal.


Hmm I would say because you hate Che Guevara and we hate trolls like you.


Because he makes a good t-shirt. You wouldn't understand anyway.


Because he rounded up all the Bankers and Fat Cats and stood em up against a wall.


Go Drink some Sweet tea and Protest against Muslims You backwater Mogo.