Government vs Private job creation?

Does the Federal Government or the private sector create more jobs (today)?

What would you do to create more jobs in The United States?


Government creates nothing, government jobs exist only at the expense of private sector jobs


the Private sector is better at job creation than these slack jawed nitwits (Obama being their leader)


Public jobs created by the government are not jobs. They are leeches that drain the life and energy out of the private sector.


private creates more. cut taxes like our founders did


On the ethereal plane does this question exist and may be the reason the US is on its way to destruction. Financial institutions have retreated to paper shuffling in order to generate revenue, rather than risk venture capitol in the US owing in the cost of doing business in the country. The present operating principle implies government pathfinding burdening the taxpayer with the lion's share of research and developement before financial institutions commit. Management points at labor as primary source of evil, using treatises such as GATT and NAFTA accessing cheaper labor forces as a metering gauge, and labor points at management's principle of harder - faster work, cross discipline laboring so as to job cut - in some cases union busting and lower wage demands. Recent turn of events have coined a thinly veiled justification for million dollar executive bonus while labor sees not for expended blood and sweat. The increase in the minimum wage while heralded as concern for labor, in reality did nothing more than create an inflation in the cost of living as well as effectively provide a paycut for those who effort years in the trades to aquire a living wage. State governments are pitted one against the other by business for job creation and revenue, the cost of which is passed on to the taxpayer, who in turn - depending on activism, proclaim 'do not gore my cow' and with the same breath, decry subsidiary abuse. Now is a convergence wherein financial institution are evolving into quasigovernmental organizations, under threat either implicitly or explicitly regarding economic destruction, at the behest of those praising of common good and the expense of the individual and more importantly - above the law.

Tort is a claim for which many present as a remedy for the inequity that has been established, Tort is a matter of money. But as usual, bringing law to the uninitiated left loopholes big enough for trucks. Plain language interpretation has been made the law of the land however, the retreat into caselaw has been allowed to remain intact. Caselaw affords exception, affords deception and affords corruption. Phishing on the internet is frownded upon, phishing for the right judge on the right case, well? That greater good spoken of earlier, away from the public eye and in the name of the judicial stability, subject to judicial review and appeallate court with the clock on high speed, what of bent judges and attorneys and how would an individual know. - Common sense and law do not seem to get along too well these days. Much is made of the legal system and how if a course of action set by a political agenda is not quite legal, it is made legal. In the process, those who bend the law for personal gain, political clout and social standing refrain from referring to the one substantial document which allows them to be who they are, this day - the Constitution of the United States.

This may sound like sour grapes and that this is not the proper venue for political opinion, check for yourself. You may start along this path by seeking out who is subject to urinalysis - employers/politicians are not. Who are subject to infringement upon ones person - private plane owners/ leasees/ politicans are not under TSA. Who is subject to the laws established under the 1877 Wood's doctrine and to what end termination for 'morally wrong reason without legal liability' is an appropriate action to be brought to bear. Try, the legalese for sovereign immunity of governmental and quasigovernmental organizations as opposed to that immunity related to sedition and treason and the liabilty of bringing such charges.

This matter has been brought to the attention of numerous agencies including the highest governmental office but having received a blind eye and deaf ear because it does not fit the political agenda, allow me to present to you - The Dictatorial Confederation of Corporations, sorry, can afford to offer a free set of cheap set of steak knives.