Calling female superior officers "sir"?

I'm watching Battlestar Galactica and I'm hearing people on the show call the President and other female superior officers "sir". It kind of bugs me. I know it's science fiction, but I just want to know why they don't call them "ma'am". Also if this happens in real life.


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There are some female officers, in the Army at least, that demand you call them "sir", but the VAST, VAST majority are addressed ma'am.


There shouldn't be female superior officers anyway. Their very existence is just out of control feminism.


In the Army we say Ma'am. Not sure about the other branches though


When I was in the army, I addressed all officers "SIR" regardless of their sex. Under the uniformed code of military justice, I was with in my rights


It happens a lot. Especially when you are distracted, see some shiny metal on the headgear, whip out a slaute and say: "Good moring Sir" and only then you realize that it is a female officer.


Ron Moore picked it up from Star Trek. It kind of makes sense in Trek, since there are many species and not all are broken down neatly into two genders. It makes no sense whatsoever in Battlestar.

Of course, neither does most of the fourth season.


Back in the olden days of the military, between fighting pirates and Indians, "sir" was acceptable as an address for female officers. Though, by now, it may have changed.


No. In the real military you address Officers Sir if male or Ma'am if female.

I never really understood why in the series they did that. I also kind of wish the show was on HBO or Showtime so they could have used the real f-word.