Is the Federal Government Humanity and Poverty Eradication a scam?

I got an email from a James Brooks ( about receiving $15,350 after sending $300 to a Fedex Manager Dale Buss via Western Union. I have been researching this but not found anything on it. An acquaintance of mine said she got the check and it cleared her bank.? Need some help.


100% SCAM

1 - NO government agency uses a free @gmail account. All federal government emails end in .GOV - never .com, .org, .info, .us or anything else

2 - It's against the law for anyone to ask you to pay upfront before you receive money

3 - There is NO such thing as a Federal Government Humanity and Poverty Eradication. It does not exist

Report this to your local FBI Field Office as it's a federal offense to impersonate a government official…

You might be eligible for a reward if they catch these criminals

Your friend's check might look like it clears but it WILL bounce in 4-5 weeks and she's going to owe her bank $15,350 and be arrested for bank fraud once it does

Nov 15 at 18:35

ANYTHING that sounds too good to be true should be avoided like the plague. Stay clear or you will wonder why you lost $300.

Nov 15 at 22:21