What is the US Military recruiting climate like right now? Hot, cold or lukewarm?

Are most branches considered understaffed or overstaffed as of 2010? Specifically the Coast Guard is of interest to me. Decent turnover or are there waiting lists for most of the rates?


ice cold. CG stopped all recruiting about 2 months ago. . all CG recruiting districts already have their 2011 slots FILLED.. soonest you can think about it is FY 2012. AF, almost as bad. average wait for everybody else is 9 months.

all waivers have been put on hold and there is no indication that they will start granting them any time soon.

nobody is getting out due to the economy and about 5 times as normal are trying to get IN becuase of the crappy economy.


Overstaffed BIG time.You need to be REALLY smart to get in.


The rate of people joining the military have been going up rather quickly and steadily for the last two years due to the economy...

We have more people in than ever... I know that is true with all branches...

That is why they have become more selective over who is allowed to join and stay in...

Hope that helped... : )


depends what kind of job your looking for. even if the job you want seems to be filled you can always join the delayed entry program, you really need to talk to a recruiting officer, just dont sign anything until you are 100% positive, remember a recruiter is a sales person and even though he may tell you, you are special to them your really just another number so that they can reach their quota.


I heard that last year was the first time they met their recruiting goal since the draft due to the economy, does that answer your question 'cause that's all I've got?