What kind of personality do Dutch men have?

I have been told that I should find a dutch man because I like European men that are really tall but I am not sure what their personality is like. I like a warm hearted confident personality in a man are they like this?


The Dutch are on average the tallest nationality. They're probably a lil' weird to be honest. I don't think humor translates that well outside of English speaking countries. I mean New Zealanders, Australians, Canadians, Americans, and the English are generally pretty funny. Foreigners, who despite speaking English fluently, generally have a weird sense of humor. Humor generally fails to make the cultural crossover. It's not just humor, but general conversation topics as well. Just try the British out, they're not terribly highly ranked comparatively, but there are some tall ones, and they fulfill your European requirement as well.



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Every dutch man varies. as in not all dutch man have the same personality in general, it depends on each individual dutch man. Same for any race of man. I mean theres bound to be some mean hearted dutch men out there as well as any other race of men there is.


People are individuals. So it's kind of impossible for people to tell you what kind of personality all Dutch men have.

On that note, there are tall men from lots of different countries.


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