Why are there so many black people in commercials?

I think black people should not be in commercials, like have you seen the recent PSP commercials with that marcus kid? Ugly porch monkeys like him make the company look bad and are just so FREAKIN UGLY to look at, be honest people, who wan'ts to look at a shaved monkey on? TV? Just go to the Zoo....


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black people can be hot...


The same reason they have scholarships exclusive to their race, affirmative action policies giving them jobs they often do not qualify for, and the same reason that many colleges (i.e. University of Michigan) give them a 20 point bonus on their application for being black- which trumps the combined 9 points given for an outstanding essay, evidence of leadership, and personal achievement..... in short, the trend you are describing is the elevation of RACIAL QUOTA over individual merit


racist @sshole. i happen to think there should be more black people in commercials. we have color t.v now shouldnt. we see some color?


Bacause comparing black people to monkeys is TOTALLY ethical. When will people like you start to look at people as...well, poeple?


Just to annoy and sicken you. I mean, that's what it's all about right? You?


People flip out over the smallest things. If you don't have several people of different races in commercials prepared to have a law suit on your hands. It's the same with sexism, I have no idea how many commercials I've seen where woman are saying things like, "It's so easy, even a man can do it", If a man did that, there'd be uproar. There's nothing really you can do about it.


why are there so many rascist on the internet? if you cant approach someone and say these things then it shouldn't be said. it's so sad that it's the 21st century and the human race still has arguments about race, animals dont fight because race, dogs nor cats, very shameful the highest group on the food chain cant agree with their own species.


I agree, although it may seem rascist. All the black people will become angry if we don't have atleast a couple of dark-skinned people in an advertisement.

But think about it, what if the ads were filled with asian people? You'd want a couple crackers in that ad.