Half-Black, Half-Puerto Rican?

When people see me for the first time the have some trouble figuring out what i am. When they ask I just tell them I'm Puerto Rican because Puerto Ricans are already mixed with black anyways. Oh and my mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is black. So, Wat race would you think I was if you just saw me? Just curiosity. Be Honest………


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i'd think you were completely black i personally am asian and mexican/spanish/italian... i look very mexican though.. yeah i'd think you were black or maybe like 1/4 white which is not a bad thing becaue really you're mostly black like you said puerto ricans are already part black to begin with so just be proud of who you are that's the most important thing you have very beautiful features and a cute baby face lol so don't let anyone tell you different


a be@ner that only thinks of race.


Don't compare a nationality (Puerto Rican) with a race (Black).


You look like a mix of black and Native American with a possible touch of Caucasian. But the photo is horrible and you should get better photography to post.

You should just tell people you're multi-racial, as most Puerto Ricans seem to be.


I would honestly think you're mixed with black and something else although I wouldn't be able to tell if it was Puerto Rican.


Next time they ask, tell them you're a mongrel

It means a mix


Puerto Rican isn't a race.

You could say racially you're mixed Black, Taino and Spanish, and ethnically you're Puerto Rican and African American.

To me, you look like a Black person with very "Chinao" eyes


You look mixed. (the hair gives it away)

but you have very pretty eyes. :)