Is Alicia Keys racist against white people?

Alicia Keys is half white and ive heard her say she was proud to be biracial,BUT i just read an article where she was talking about Ganster rap and she says it was promoted by the government to make Black people kill each other, she goes on to say that the whole east coast west coast beef in the mid 90s was fueled by the government and the media which lead to another one of our(meaning black people) leaders being taken from us( Tupac Shakur).. She also says she has read the autobiography's of every black panther but most notably Huey P Newton who is the founder of the black panthers and she says she wears a AK 47 charm around her neck which Huey Says is a symbol meaning and I quote "Kill Um All"( which was a big surprise to her white Mother) she says that if Huey had the outlets and voice that our musicians(our meaning black Musicians) have today his message would be world wide" she also says"I will have to find a way to do it myself" So after reading this, even though she is half white i would bet that if they still existed Alicia Keys would definitly be a big part of the Black Panther Party.. Do you agree that she may be racist? Oh i would have put the link to the web site here but i could not figure out how to do it on this Computer.


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Just because Alicia Keys believes that the government is racist, doesn't mean that she is racist or hates white people. Considering that the government, in history, has openly practiced overt racism against minorities, it wouldn't be a radical or racist idea to think that it recently or still does practice covert racism. Besides, a lot of people think that race had a big factor in the Tupac/Biggie Smalls conflict especially as they were both shot in the open, in front a large number of people and yet the police to this day don't even have suspects.

The Black Panthers weren't a racist organization, they were an organization created specifically to provide self-defense to black people against the brutal violence of white police officers, believing the non-violence route to be dangerous and useless. They also set up a number of social programs to help destitute black people, especially ones who had been the victims of hate crimes. Most people don't know these things about the Black Panther Party (because they're never told) and so associate any one who supports them with hatred for white people which is not true otherwise Huey P. Newton wouldn't have spoke out against The New Black Panther Party, which is an openly racist organization different from the original. If Alicia Keys were to be a part of the Black Panther Party, she would carry a gun and defend herself against racists trying to harm her, which is what anyone but Ghandi and Dr. King would do.

I don't agree that she is racist especially since all of the evidence above is faulty or proves false the accusations. She probably just feels like she has a duty to help uplift the black community which does not mean pulling down the white community.


shes a nobody and i dont care what she thinks, i would not even notice it if she died\

i didnt even know who that was until she or it preformed on the world cup concert


The Black Panthers aren't racist they believe a civil rights for blacks. THey in no way want to hurt white people. They want equality for blacks. Any Group That promotes Hate And Violence Based On someones Race is a Hate Group

The black panthers are mentored by Groups that watch and track Hate Groups.

Their has been white people in that group.

Maybe since Alicia Keys is treated like a black women she know the problems that we face everyday and wants to work on changing it.

I dunno much about the tattoo tho...I'll have to look that up.


Great, now the government is responsible for gangs also. Blacks sure have a funny way of passing the blame on every single thing they do wrong.


No, she's not racist, she's just honest about the government. There's more to be proud of when it comes to black history than there ever will be when it comes to white history.




Honestly, most of us blacks dont like white people. You guys get all the luck and we are stuck in the ghetto. Its not fair.


It doesn't f*cking matter.