Why are these Mexicans so loud and annoying?

I am of Mexican descent living in the USA, but I am not like most of these other Mexican-Americans. I am not dirty or stupid, I don't constantly put Mexico in front of America, in fact I never do, I don't blast annoying Mexican music all night! Why do all these "latinos" do it? Why are Mexican-Americans so annoying?


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I agree, they need to ship em all out of here. They stink the place up.




Stop moaning damn. Don;t like it? You know what I'm gonna say...


you weren't born here dude you said u were born in mexico!

learn how to type what u said made no sense at all.

Makes you looks stupid.


Chingada puta sellout maricon ay ay ay arriba!


You mean cholos right? It's usually them who act ghetto or the ones from Charapa who are ghetto as they are without being influenced by the cholos.


i don't think they are annoying. but yes they do blast a lot of music at night. it's funny and a little annoying. i think you are generalizing


dude, ur not even born here yet your hating on ur own fuking people... thats pathetic.

Just because you live in a run down neighborhood with ghetto mexican immigrants , doesnt mean all mexicans are like that. The fresh immigrants that come to america illegally are the poorest and ghetto'est even by mexico's standards. You must live in a shitty neighborhood. not all Mexicans act uncivilized.