Why do Neo-Nazis and white supremacists worship child molester David Lane?

David Lane is supposedly the guy who did the "14 words" (lol), but what most don't know is I think he wants to secure the existence of white children so he can have some play things haha:

so why? why does the entire laughable "white supremacist" community follow a paedo?


the question should be, why do we even allow these people to live?


Wow, for an "anti racist" person you sure are obsessed with them.


Because fuked up people like fuked up things.


because 68% of their communities worship pedophilia.


Why not take your stalin avatar and shove it up your aasss , creep !

Stalin was nothing but a child-molesting , homosexual , wholesale BUTCHER . who obviously was one of MANY to have sex with your MOTHER !


Look a your avatar. You worship a guy who murdered millions of people. And most white "supremacists" dont like or care about this guy. Nice try.