What does "Ching-Ching Chong-Chong" mean in Japanese?

I was waiting in the American customs area of the airport and the people in front of me were Japanese, and the customs officer was like "Ching-Ching Chong Chong, how's my Japanese? I've been trying to practice" before he let them through.

What does that mean in Japanese?


Nothing that's very offensive to Asians it was first used against the Chinese there is nothing even close to ching-ching chong-chong in the Japanese or Chinese languages probably qing in chinese which means bell I think , But it's very offensive


someone is at the door


very offensive to japanese people :(


the customs officer was probably joking around, ching ching chong chong doesnt mean anything in japanese:D


That customs officer should be jailed for racism. 'Ching chang chong' and things like it are a racist slur directed at Asian people. Ching, chang or chong isn't even possible in the Japanese language, it would have to be chingu, changu or changu and those aren't even words. People got the idea that Japanese people say that because they were ignorant enough to confuse the Japanese with the Chinese language. Any of the ching, chang, chong sounds, if you listen to Chinese would be very rare to hear but they are possible in the Chinese language and they do have a lot of sounds that sound somewhat similar to them.