How did the Germans define who was Jewish?

How did the Germans define who was Jewish?


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On November 14, 1935, the Nazis issued the following definition of a Jew: Anyone with three Jewish grandparents; someone with two Jewish grandparents who belonged to the Jewish community on September 15, 1935, or joined thereafter; was married to a Jew or Jewess on September 15, 1935, or married one thereafter; was the offspring of a marriage or extramarital liaison with a Jew on or after September 15, 1935.


If they had a bullet in them they were Jewish.


dress, marriage customs and knowledge of the Torah are good place to start


Jews lived in ghetto's and particular areas of town like minorities in america.


By their last names and family relationships.


Phillip you're full of shitt. A lot of pure Germans have brown eyes. In fact, those Germans with blue or green eyes are not Germans, they're Scandinavians.


by physical appearance. Jews were brown eyed. Germans were blue eyed


In Nazi Germany anyone who had any trace of Jewish ancestry was Jewish. If you had one single ancestor who was Jewish, then you were Jewish..


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