Who is stronger? Hercules or Samson?

Who is stronger? Hercules or Samson?


Both men are only mythical and thus not real, and Hercules was much stronger than Samson in the stories about them. Hercules held up the sky while Atlas secured the "Golden Apples of the Hesperides" for him.

Oct 30 at 17:39

Samson—as long as he didn't cut his hair.

Oct 30 at 21:25


Oct 31 at 1:34

I would say hercules but they are both really about the same

Oct 31 at 6:6

Since Samson was real and Hercules was myth, I'd say Samson.

Oct 31 at 11:1

Heracles was stronger

There is no proof besides the bible that Samson existed, as is the case with Heracles.

However, Heracles held the SKY in place of Atlas. I doubt the fake Samson could do that.

Praise the Greek Gods

Oct 31 at 16:20

i would say king-Kong. Hercules used thunderbolts an samson was given strength power by his god. but k.Kong was naturally strong. either him or the hulk. the hulk is ripped at 6'1 weighing 250LB. he has a solid green body of muscle.

Oct 31 at 22:1