Why do Neo-Nazis and white supremacists worship child molester David Lane?

David Lane is supposedly the guy who did the "14 words" (lol), but what most don't know is I think he wants to secure the existence of white children so he can have some play things haha:

so why? why does the entire laughable "white supremacist" community follow a paedo?


the question should be, why do we even allow these people to live?

Nov 18 at 15:56

Wow, for an "anti racist" person you sure are obsessed with them.

Nov 18 at 19:42

Because fuked up people like fuked up things.

Nov 18 at 23:51

because 68% of their communities worship pedophilia.

Nov 19 at 4:23

Why not take your stalin avatar and shove it up your aasss , creep !

Stalin was nothing but a child-molesting , homosexual , wholesale BUTCHER . who obviously was one of MANY to have sex with your MOTHER !

Nov 19 at 9:19

Look a your avatar. You worship a guy who murdered millions of people. And most white "supremacists" dont like or care about this guy. Nice try.

Nov 19 at 14:37