Why do black people give their children such ridiculous names?

Seriously, do you think that I will hire someone named "Dashawn," "Jarquavius," or "Loqueesha?"

Even with an education, nobody is going to take these people seriously. I almost feel bad for people in this situation.

Actually...not really. Someone needs to work the drive-thru window.


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The parents were not thinking about the kids future when they were naming their child. That should almost be counted as child abuse. It's sad.

Mar 23 at 22:29

because black women are to stupid to come with a decent name, uneducated, and losers so they come up wit the most stupidest names.

LOL. The ones with white mothers have normal names.

Vin Diesel

Wentworth miller

Shall I continue?

Mar 24 at 2:15

to stick it to da man!

Mar 24 at 6:24

it's ghetto ppl that do that

Mar 24 at 10:57

Because people can name their kids whatever they want. xoxo

Mar 24 at 15:52

Bltch **** you.

Mar 24 at 21:10

Least their unique

And stop judging, it's the parents choice

Mar 25 at 2:51

Lol Bob.

Lame name.

Mar 25 at 8:56