Arabic name Zaidan, Zidan, Zeidan?

What is the meaning of it, did it start out as a Muslim Arabic or Christian Arabic name b/c I've seen Christian arabs have it as a last name and first name. I did a search and found Zad meaning gift from god and aidan meaning an Irish (?!) saint.

Any ideas?

PS: The spelling of the names is either one, in Arabic the alphabet is not the same as English, so the most important feature is the name, the actual sound of it. I've seen some from other countries (with different dialects) spell it Saidan or Sedan. Thanks :)


Zidane comes from the Arabic name, Zeid. Zeid means "abundance," "growth," or "one who progresses and makes other people progress."

In Arabic, it is very common for people to talk about objects in plural, instead of in singular. We do this to add more emphasis to our words. For example, "Marhaba" means hi, but often times, people will say "marhab-tayn" which means "two hi's." So thisi kind of means that you deserve more than one "hi." You deserve two hi's. Or "Ahla" means welcome, but people will say "Ah-layn" which means "two welcomes." So you are more than welcome.

Zidane means two of Zeid. Also it is not a Christian or a Muslim name. It is simply just an Arabic name.

I love this name, not only because it has such a nice flow to it, but it also reminds me of Zinedine Zidane :-)