Red light district in Beijing?

Red light district in Beijing? Where are they?


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I dont know of any red light district but there are many many places selling sex...the most common way for one of these shops to look will likely be a hair may have pink lights and will only have girls inside (if someone is getting hair done inside its not the place) usually they have a sofa with girls sitting can go in and ask the price for 'zou ai' (make love) they will take you to a back room and do the business. These places are found alot further out in the city near more residential area's...only ones i remember are around 800m south of DaWangLu subway need to look carefully.

there are also many women walking around WangFuJing shopping street area (in evening)...if you look likee the right guy they will come and offer you a girl, usually these girls are in a will pull up and you can choose one to take home. Maybe this is easiest for a non Chinese speaker as the advertiser? the one who walks on wangfujing will speak alittle English...there are also many con trick girls on wangfujing, they will say they are students or some story and will want to go for a drink (this will be in a bar they choose) its over priced and its really hard to have sex with these girls...most take a week or more and need to pretend to be their g/f...unless your really rich....most of these girls can direct you to somewhere to buy sex for a small fee, just be clear and upfront your just looking to buy sex not take this girl for a drink etc, make sure to check the price of everything before doing anything (they take you to a private room, do you need to pay for it?)

All in all the easiest way is on wangfujing, but of course you pay a high premium and there are some crafty girls hanging around...make sure anyone who speaks to you know what you want.

the cheapest is finding a 'hair salon' most are not near the centre...when a lived in 'huoying' (subway line 13) way north of the city (over 1hr by subway) i could find alot of these.

dont be afraid to ask a taxi driver, its very common in other citys for the taxi driver to know where to get it (never tried in Beijing)...although you risk being taken to an expensive place he thinks foreigners are rich.


I hope they bust your *** and deport you. People like you give us Laowai a bad name and reputation.


There is no red light district in Beijing. We are communist, remember?

Maybe go to Tijuana, thousands of American 16 or 17 yr old boys lost their virginity in brothels there. Simply because they are too ugly to have a normal relationship and lose it the normal way. Humans are really sad...


Bada hutong.


China is in the midst of a nationwide crackdown against prostitution. There used to be hundreds of easily identified "pink salons" on Beijing's side-streets, but no more. Thousands of arrests have been made, including quite a few foreign "customers".

All of the hair salons in Beijing actually cut hair now. Sorry if you are disappointed. There is no porn on China's internet either, so you are double disappointed.


Good news or bad news for you? At present not only in beijing but the whole China are overhauling the red light district. Tian shang ren jian, one of the biggest night club has been closed down.


Prostitution is illegal so there are not any open red light districts.

Some massage parlors are fronts but it would be difficult for a foreigner to be a customer.


any dark lanes in Beijing