Is it true that there are more men than women in Alaska, or is this a myth?

I'm moving to Alaska soon, and I'm interested in being a Kindergarten Teacher. I love the cold, and I hear Alaska is beautiful, but I've also heard that there are more men than women. Is this true? I'm not looking to go man hunting or anything, I don't like romance or hooking up or anything, I'm just naturally curious.


Based on the most recent census, there are more men than women, but not by much. It's not noticeable. It *used* to be 10 men to every 1 woman...but that was quite a long time ago!

As far as teaching...check into the Anchorage School District (if you're wanting to be in the "big city"). It's a good district to work for...

Good luck in your decisions! =)


In the state of Alaska for every 100 women, there are approximately 105 men. In the larger cities, the margins are much closer, for example in Anchorage for every 100 women there are 101 men, in Fairbanks for every 100 women there are 102 men, and in Juneau for every 100 women there are 100.5 men. When people spread the story that men outnumber women in Alaska, what they fail to say is that those men live out in the middle of no where (aka the Bush).

Perhaps back when the state was a territory or even a fledgling state it was indeed true that men greatly outnumbered women, but it certainly hasn't been true since the economic boom of the 80's.


Technically statewide yes. But in the major urban areas the numbers are much more even.

But I should share with you and old Alaskan saying about that. "Alaska where the odds are good but the good are odd"


Yeah its true i use to live there.. If your a chick you have it made but if your a dude get ready for some seriouse compitition!