What does offense and defense mean in basketball?

pleaseeee help!

i need to know this for gym and i know nothing about basketball


Offense is when you're on your side of the court, looking to shoot at your basket and score.

Defense is when you're at the opponent's side, looking to get the ball so the other team doesn't score.


defense is when u stay on ur side to get the ball if there coming in with it and offense mean u go out with the ball to score!


Offense is when your trying to score on the other team and defense is when you are trying to keep the other team from scoring


Offense is when your team has the ball and you are trying to shoot.

But defense is the opposite when you are guarding the other team which includes also stealing.


Offense is when your team has the ball and is attempting

to shoot. Defense is when the other team has the ball and

they're the ones trying to shoot.


offense mean your basically scoring against the opposing team.. ( shooting, layup, dunk,) anytime when the ball goes inside the basketball hoop for your side of the team...

defense means your basically protecting your side of the basketball court from the opposing team from scoring ( steals , staying infront of your opponent, block shots)