Having trouble hitting my long irons and hybrids?

I am having trouble hitting my hybrid, 3 wood, and long irons, mainly the 3 and 4 which are hybrid also. I seem to hit it thin or fat, I have no distance on them, and when I do get a hold of one it has a wicked slice on it. Are there any drills I can do at home, I have practice balls, that I can do to help with this.

Please don't tell me to stay down on the ball, I know this, that is why I can hit my 5-SW and Driver just fine but I am doing something wrong with the other clubs and I can't figure out why.


swing it like a wedge, just step further back. Try picturing it as your best club, and PRACTICE! Good Luck man!


try to hit the ball into the ground the club will do the work


Put the ball a little farther back in your stance and focus on hitting down on the ball instead of trying to sweep it. Hitting down on the ball is the key.