Will slugs hurt a regular shotgun barrel?

I was thinking about getting a 12 guage mossberg 500 field. I will be using it for deer, dove, phesant and squirrel. I see that I can buy a seperate deer barrel for deer hunting, but I was wondering if I had to. Could I just use the regular shotgun with slugs without buying anything extra and if not why?


Not at all. You can use either a Rifled Slug or Sabot Slug in any shotgun barrel safely. The only thing you have to worry about is accuracy. Rifle slugs are made for smooth bore barrels and Sabots where made for Rifled shotgun barrels.


DO NOT SHOOT SABOT SLUGS THROUGH A SMOOTH BORE. however rifled slugs are just fine. i would also be careful if their is any choke smaller than a modified in their, you surely would not want a super full turkey choke lol. The packagin on sabot slugs says for use in rifled barrels only


If you just have the standard smoothbore barrel you can use rifled slugs like these.…

People have been using them on deer for years.

If you get the rifled barrel you can use sabot slugs like these.…

The sabot slugs out of a rifled barrel are faster and more accurate than a rifled slug. They will give you more range.

You can get a rifled barrel with a scope mount that helps you use the range of the sabot slugs.


You will want to either have a red dot sight, or a slug bbl that has sights like a rifle.


sure fire away slugs are sabot rounds ,,,,,,,,,, just dont shoot them thru a extra full choke ok