What advantages does a truncated cone bullet have?

what are they used for? how is it for hunting or self defense?


It causes a bigger and more devastating wound channel vs. a spitzer point. It's also likely to expand without having a hollow point if it has enough velocity. It also dumps its energy very quickly. A high velocity hollow point would likely separate and not penetrate as far, speaking of hunting bullets here. A spitzer point in FMJ would likely go through and through causing a smaller wound channel and wasting energy on the hillside.

At hunting velocities a truncated cone will expand like a low velocity handgun hollow point. Spitzer point bullets have less drag and retain velocity and energy longer during flight. A compromise is a soft point spitzer, which will fly very well at distance and also expand. Up close a truncated cone is devastating but they don't fly as well and lose velocity much faster downrange.


This design of bullet is use primarily in auto loading pistols. They are also used in target shooting, slightly more accurate than FMJ bullets and has better ballistic trajectory..


Flat nose bullets impart harder on the target.


The original truncated cone bullet was primarily a military, jacketed round that did NOT expand and therefore wounded rather than killed in many cases.

It was designed to meet the requirements of the Geneva Convention for military anti-personnel rounds.

ANY modern Hollow Point or expanding bullet is better for hunting and/or self defense.


more or less it is a flat nose..aka wad cutter,,,,depends on the manf, great for both


I'm not sure what you mean by truncated but a bullet with a flat or hollow point will cause more damage than one with a point.It is used sometimes for pest destruction.