How bad does a 275fps airsoft gun hurt?

I've been trying to find a decent airsoft gun for pretty cheap, And I was wondering for a normal person how bad would a 275fps point blank bare skin shot with an airsoft gun hurt?

Thanks Also if you could tell me how bad (In the same circumstances) would a 350fps shot hurt that would be great.


Depends heavily on the situation. I'm assuming that you're referring to a five-ten feet range. A 275 FPS gun wouldn't hurt too much if you're using a .12 gram BB (What most low grade spring guns chamber), it would probably sting for a bit but would wear off in due time.

In the same instance, a 350 FPS airsoft gun chambering a .20 gram BB would hurt quite a bit, most likely leaving a welt or cutting the skin.

It should be noted that pain is an opinion, and therefore we can't really inform you -exactly- how much something would hurt you.

Hope this helps!


I think the 275 will hurt like being hit hard with a switch. And I think the 350 will probably break the skin, so it will feel like a little ball being pressed through skin and flesh. In other words, it will hurt a lot.


Point blank, pretty much anything above 200 would really hurt on bare skin. 350 might break skin, but will definitely leave a huge welt


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