Any gunsmiths that can cut a cylinder for Moon clips for a Taurus 66?

I'm having trouble tracking down a gunsmith who has the measurements to cut the cylinder on my Taurus 66 7rd .357(the newer model). Speed loaders are costing me more time than loading individual rounds, so I'm thinking about switching to moon clips for my local NRA and ICORE matches but every gun smith I talk to only deals with S&W or Ruger.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Note, my 66 has never given me any trouble, and it's what I'm most comfortable with (very important for competition shooting) so I would like to avoid buying a new gun. but already counting on being 12 seconds behind due to reloads (before I even step up to the starting box) is not doing my rankings any favors.


There is probably a gunsmith somewhere that would attempt it. Moon clips are for rimless rounds, a better question would be a source for rimless .357 magnum rounds.


I can't think of any reason why cutting the cylinder on a Ruger would be substantially different than cutting it on a Taurus. Some gunsmiths are leery about working on unfamiliar guns, but if you explain to them that you will not hold them responsible if they do mess up the cylinder (expensive, but replaceable), they may agree to.

Also, actually finding the clips may be tricky as well.


Where in the heck are you getting moon clips for a 7-rd .357 set-up that will fit your 66? By the time you get done doing all that (and totally voiding the life-time warranty on your Taurus) you will discover that buying speed loaders would have been WAY cheaper.