Can you rent a Barrett 50 cal at a gun range?

I'm heading to the US on holidays, the last time I was there I fired a few handguns and an M4, but this year I'd like to fire a barrett 50 cal, is there any range that rents out these guns, around the Vegas, or Salt lake city area,


Yes, near Las Vegas in Pahrump, NV. Give Acme Gun and Pawn a call, (702)751-2263.

In Utah:

Get Some Guns

(801) 562-1222

6651 South State Street

.50 BMG Shoot

$10 per shot


Do you want to know how to just fly a jet liner too not land?


Most likely but it would be a single shot and you can rent range time or rent one and buy some good ammo but you would only want to fire at most probably 5 rounds as the recoil is a bit much and the ammo is through the roof especially for that caliber


You can buy one ( for alot of money ) I don't know if you can rent them, you might ask the owner. they sell them where I live in Indiana, and i live in a town no one's ever heard of, (unless you saw our football team lose misurably in state last year to CC).


Maybe. That depends on the range. The 107 is a $10,000 gun and very few places and even stores would have it.



Best you will do is get trigger time at $30 for a half hour at the ranges in Las Vegas.

However, nothing stops you from contacting the range and asking if anyone there knows of someone who can get you some trigger time on a M82. You can also contact, or email, the local gun shops.

I recall reading about a 50cal club in Nevada that does regular shoots and matches. You should be able to track them down online or by calling the gun shops around Nevada. This would be your best bet. I am with the Alaska Machine Gun Association - and at all our matches and meets, we always give free trigger time to visitors and the curious.

Hope this helps


most gun ranges will only rent out used guns and the odds of you finding a range that has a used barrett is slim to none. your best bet is to possibly post an add in the city where you will be asking if anyone has one and would meet you at the range but they will probably be expecting some money for time and travel. good luck, i hope you get to shoot one.


Most likely. I shot one at a gun range. The owner dared me to do it and didn't think I would. I showed him. :)


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