How do i sight a Remington 597?

if i push the rear sight all the way back, towards me, is that sighting it for long shots? and if i push it all the way forward, in the direction of the tip of the barrel, is that sighting it for short range shots?


No. Your doing it backwards. sight forward for longer distance, sight back for shorter distance.

But you adjust the sight to a specific distance. You don't change it after it set or it will never be accurate. I would suggest setting the iron sights for 75 to 100 yards. Get a scope for longer shots.


Forget the forward and backward of the rear sight, it is the up and down of it that matters, if it is up, it lifts the muzzle of the gun up for long range, Low is for short range, 100 yrds,


No Sir; not really. If you mean on like an M-16 there is a setting for long and short. A 597 is not that way. The rear sight on a Remington 597 is merely an adjustable dove tail sight. It is meant to move forward and back for you to adjust it to your zero.

Take the rifle to a range and shoot it at your preferred distance. Move the rear sight forward and back until the weapon is zeroed.


you have to sight it forward for long distance and backward for short distance. Just a word of warning I had this rifle not to long ago and the receiver cracked were the barrel mounts to it. It was fixed under warranty but Remington had no idea how it happened. The receiver is made out of cheap and thin aluminum. This rifle needs to be super clean in order to work properly. Just use dry lube in the guide rods any oil will attract lead and powder build up which will lead to failure to ejects and failure to feeds. But on the up side once you sight this rifle in than it will be more accurate than a Ruger 10/22 sporter which is what I have now.